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Green Heroes

On the web and on our TV show, GreenHeroes tells the story of change – of how people improved their lives, what their... Read More

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Greenwich Emotion Map

Artist Christian Nold worked with 50 local residents from the Greenwich area (London) to build an emotion map of the... Read More

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Global Conflicts

“Global Conflicts” is an award-winning educational game series used for teaching citizenship, geography, and media... Read More

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Gone Gitmo

A chronicle of the development of GONE GITMO, a virtual installation of Guantanamo Bay Prison in Second Life. GONE... Read More

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This project reports on the day-to-day experiences of men, women and children on both sides of the Palestinian-Israeli... Read More

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Generation Tian'anmen

A three-part multimedia documentary about the Beijing Spring and the Chinese Youth of today vs in 1989 - By Patrick... Read More

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