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Afrique: 50 Ans D'Independence

Ceci n'est pas un web-documtaire, c'est une invitation au voyage. Voyage dans le temps, voyage au présent et une... Read More

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Are you happy? (in production)

Exactly fifty years ago, in an experiment in documentary, people on the streets of Paris were filmed by Jean Rouch and... Read More

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America's Army

In the America's Army game, players are bound by Rules of Engagement (ROE) and grow in experience as they navigate... Read More

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Aysén Profundo (Spanish)

Aysén Profundo is an interactive and multimedial documentary about trades, traditions and typical life in Patagonia.

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A Year at War

A vast multimedia website following the soldiers of the First Battalion, 87th Infantry of the 10th Mountain Division... Read More

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