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Gallipoli: The First Day was created when ABC Innovation producer Meena Tharmarajah saw the terrain at Anzac Cove and... Read More

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The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is a social media/documentary hybrid that tells the story of a county “safety-net” hospital in... Read More

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The Anniversary Project

On November 24th, 1989 the Canadian Government unanimously passed a bill in the house of Commons to end child poverty... Read More

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Faces of the Crisis: Stories of the Housing Collapse in North Carolina

The United States is mired in one of the biggest economic crises since the Great Depression.

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Iron Curtain Diaries

Twenty years ago Europe was split in two. Thousands of people lived hoping for a change. Suddenly, the whole world... Read More

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Days With My Father

Days With My Father is a journal. A record of our relationship, and the time we spent over the last three years. ... Read More

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